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This Opal Sands wedding of Kirsten and Scott was a blast to film. Although the sun wasn’t in an ideal position for the ceremony, we made it work. Golden hour looked incredible for the portrait session. Opal Sands Resort is the premier wedding venue in Clearwater Beach for its amazing location and elegant stature. It’s situated right on the shoreline and the ceremony is set up on the balcony over the water. Kirsten and Scott were a super fun couple that made this Jewish interfaith wedding a fun event. Read all about their Opal Sands wedding from Scott’s perspective!


“We met online – Hinge to be specific. We’re biased, but it’s the best dating app 🤣”


“I picked up a pizza from her favorite childhood pizzeria (her favorite food) and had roses all over the kitchen. After dinner, I told her we were going to make sundaes (her favorite dessert). I picked up ice cream from her favorite place, but I needed some time after dinner. I went in the bedroom and put a bowtie collar on our dog with the ring attached. The dog came out a minute later. Meanwhile I was freaking out and praying he didn’t eat the ring or rip off the collar. He walked up to her and it took Kirsten a solid twenty seconds to notice there was a ring attached. When she noticed, she freaked out and I asked her to marry me. We eventually ate those sundaes, too.”


“Prior to planning or finding a venue, I had several different ideas, but honestly none of them came close to how perfect it turned out. Everything was amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a better day.”


“The one that pops in my head is Kirsten walking towards me in her dress. There are so many amazing moments, but her walking towards me, kissing her, and seeing her smile and cheer has to be up there. My dad and brother and Kirsten’s maid of honor all gave amazing speeches, too. It’s tough to pick one favorite from such a great day.”


“Our colors were hunter green and we had a lot of gold accents. We wanted things to look classy and elegant.

I won’t touch on the gown, other than that Kirsten looked great in it. Our flower centerpieces alternated. Half of the tables had whites, ivories, and greens in gold flower holders. The other half had floating candles with flowers with the same color scheme. We liked the idea of having some diversity so everything wouldn’t look cookie cutter. For wedding favors, we gave out hand sanitizer that read, “spread love not germs”. We also gave out chapstick, sunglasses, actual gift bags, and flip flops for the ladies so they could dance. Our gift bags were hunter green to keep with the theme. They were stuffed with snacks, drinks, all the items above, and Tylenol/ibuprofen.

Kirsten wanted to make sure everyone had everything they needed, regardless of what issue they ran into. Our cake had 4 tiers and 3 flavors. Our flavors were mocha, orange creamsicle, and pumpkin. We wanted the cake cut thin so everyone could have some of each! My favorite was the orange creamsicle.”


“We had the tallit that my grandparents gave me from Israel in the chuppah. Because they couldn’t be there, it represented their presence. The glass that was smashed was special ordered with our favorite color schemes so we could keep the shards and do something unique with them (picture frame, mezuzah, ect., we’re still not sure).”


“Enjoy the day. There is a lot of lead up and planning, but when it all comes together, spend time with all those who are there. Your friends and family are there to celebrate you and your spouse. Just take it all in, enjoy it, and have a great wedding experience. Make sure to spend time with your bride/groom, too. It’s easy to get pulled away, but it’s your day with them.”

Great words of wisdom from Scott! If you’re getting married in the Tampa Bay area, an Opal Sands wedding should be at the top of your list.


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