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Wedding Videography Equipment For Cinematic Wedding Films

When I shoot weddings my prime objective is capturing stunning shots that tell the story of my couples.  My wedding videography equipment is lightweight with a quick setup time so I can focus on the important things happening throughout the day.  Sometimes I’m asked about the gear I use, so here’s my current setup.


  • Panasonic GH5 has incredible image stabilization. Even though I use a gimbal and other support gear, it’s reassuring to know I can easily go handheld if necessary. There are many unexpected moments during a wedding, so having a camera that facilitates great stability is a dream. For specs, it shoots 4K60, 10 bit, and has a nifty rack focus function!
  • DJI Mavic 2 Pro is my aerial drone of choice. It has a 1″ sensor that gives a gorgeous high altitude view of the wedding venue and cocktail hour. It’s also super stable in high wind conditions.


  • Zoom F6 was released this year and it’s a beast! It handles extreme audio levels without distortion or noise. This is ideal during the reception when the volume goes from super loud dance music to softly spoken toasts and speeches.
  • Tascam DR-10X is what I use to capture audio from the DJ’s mixing board during the reception. It’s a great backup to my Zoom F6.
  • Tascam DR-10L is a tiny mic and audio recorder that I use during the ceremony. I place them in the jacket pocket of the groom and officiant, and I have a white one that I place on the bride, if she agrees to it. I make it inconspicuous for her.
  • Sony UTX-2 is my go-to wireless handheld mic. I use this for receptions as a backup to the DJ’s mic just in case. I also bring a quick release mic stand for the speech givers. Note: The current version is the UTX-M40.


  • Aputure 120D is my go-to spotlight for illuminating the dance floor with gorgeous light for entrances, first dances, and speeches.
  • Aputure LS-mini20d helps support my main light and is sometimes used as a hair light.
  • Neewer CN-160 is a small on-camera light that helps with accenting faces and objects.


  • Manfrotto 190X3 is my tripod of choice for the ceremony and speeches. I have two of them.
  • Manfrotto 561 BHDV-1 is my most used piece of gear. It’s a monopod, which is a tripod with only one leg, and I use it to get me rock steady shots throughout the day.
  • Zhiyun Weebill-S is a compact electronic gimbal. It’s a great piece of equipment for walking shots and big sweeping arcs of exteriors and interiors.
  • Edelkrone SliderONE Pro is the icing on the cake. I use this slider to get beautifully precise shots of the bride’s accessories and of the reception details.


With the ever-changing landscape of filmmaking gear, this list will be constantly revisited and updated as my wedding videography equipment gets refreshed.


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