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Welcome to my wedding blog! As an Orlando wedding videographer, I do my best to provide as many articles and other pieces of information to help you navigate through wedding planning.  Check out the weddings and other events I've filmed, along with various tips and advice I have.


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The Lake Mary Events Center wedding of Amanda and Jorge was one of my favorites. For starters, I am based in Lake Mary, so it’s the wedding venue closest to me lol. It really is a great venue, though. The ceremony was to be lakeside on the event lawn, but it rained earlier in the day, so the staff moved everything indoors. Fortunately the weather cleared up mid day and we were able to get amazing outdoor photos and video. The couple had their first look on the sidewalk path in the back. After the first look they read their vows to each other instead of during the ceremony. At the end of the night we got some incredible backlit videos of them kissing on the sidewalk in slow motion.

I interviewed Amanda about her wedding day, and you’ll love her responses!


“We met on an online dating app! We hit it off pretty well and immediately started chatting regularly. Our first date was at Starbucks in a Target. It was a bit quirky. Back then there weren’t many good cafes in my area. We spent a while in that Starbucks though, talking about our interests and life. We had our first kiss in the car and both knew that we would be in each others lives for a long time.”


“We had a picnic under a big tree with our puppy. As the sun was setting, Jorge read a poem/song from Lord of the Rings, “A Walking Song”. We have matching quotes on our rings from this, “World behind, home ahead”. He then popped the question! It was beautiful and intimate.”


“We hadn’t really thought about the wedding in detail. We are both more introverted, so there was some anxiety about all of the attention. I thought about the first dance, something Jorge didn’t look forward to, and that moment when I would walk down the aisle. Jorge wanted a wedding that was fun for our guests and something that represented both of us.”


“Our wedding was dreamy! It all went better than we hoped! There ended up being a Covid surge leading right up to it, so we were nervous. We required guests provide proof of a negative test and were worried that no one would come. However, we were surrounded by loved ones and felt like we were on cloud 9. There was no Covid outbreak, which I count as a great success! Everything felt like a fairy tale.”


“Being surrounded by love from our friends and family, dancing with our grandmas, also probably the actual getting married part.”


“Colors were dark juniper, white, gold, and black. We wanted the wedding to be more tropical – despite it being in winter – to give a nod toward our backgrounds (he is Cuban and I’m Puerto Rican). We wanted a lot of greenery, specifically monstera leaves. There were a lot of lilies, one of my favorite flowers, and orchids. The gown was way more grand than I originally anticipated, but it made me feel like a princess. It was a ballgown by Martina Liana, with off the shoulder sleeves added on.

In lieu of favors, we had a photo booth for our guests. We love photo booths and thought it would be fun. We also had bubbles for the final send off. During cocktail hour, the husband of one of my maids of honor played acoustic guitar. Our cake was a simple marble cake with buttercream and raspberry filling. For our guests, we had cupcakes: butter pecan, caramel machiatto, and marble. For the first dance we had a fog machine to make it look like we were dancing on clouds. It was a great way to distract from any dancing mistakes! Instead of doing a garter or bouquet toss, we had a couple’s dance. We didn’t want to single out people; instead we wanted a moment where everyone could shine.”


“We had a board game table for those who might not want to dance. I made dinosaur cake toppers that ended up being a bit too large for the cake, but looked cute next to it! I also made a decorative globe with our ring quote on it and the wedding arch with the help of some friends (one of the ushers, Uli and another friend who was a guest at the wedding). During cocktail hour there was collaborative art (a canvas we invited guests to draw or write on) and a 360 video booth that everyone had fun with.”


“Don’t sweat the small stuff! Weddings can be stressful, and not everything will turn out the way you expect it to. Life can be pretty spontaneous. Try to be flexible, and know that no matter what – everything will be fine. At the end of the day, you will be surrounded by love and getting ready to spend the rest of your life with your love. That is the most important thing.”

How awesome is the story of Amanda and Jorge and their Lake Mary Events Center wedding?!


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