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Top 8 Vegan Wedding Caterers in Orlando - Smoothie Bowls

I’ve been vegan for 18 years. Back in the day I attended weddings where my dinner was a dry salad. No dressing, no croutons.  I then made up for the lack of calories with bottles of isinglass-free beer.  If you’re vegan and/or you want your vegan guests to have a great dining experience on your special day, you’re in luck! Excellent plant-based and vegan wedding caterers in Orlando are plentiful nowadays!

I’ve separated these vendors into two categories, Dinner Service and Cake & Desserts.  The vendors in this list actively serve vegans and understand veganism. This is always comforting over vendors who just have a footnote on their menus that vegan requests can be accommodated (“here’s a salad with no dressing and no croutons!”).


  1. The Vegetable Butcher is the only caterer in this top section that is 100% vegan.  The owners, Joshua and Tyler, are really doing something unique with their business by operating without a brick and mortar facility, sourcing from local growers, and creating truly unique plant-based dishes.  Check out the interview I did with the owners: Vegan Catering – The Vegetable Butcher Q&A
  2. The Madras Cafe is a vegetarian Indian caterer that is very vegan friendly.  I’ve eaten at their restaurant and the food is very fresh and flavorful.  If you’re looking for something more exotic than traditional Western dining, then you can’t go wrong with them.
  3. Puff ‘n Stuff Catering is a mainstay in the Central Florida wedding scene.  I’ve worked alongside them many times, and they always knock it out of the park.  For large scale weddings they’re tough to beat.
  4. Big City Catering offers a very extensive vegan menu, which looks amazingly mouth watering.  Most other caterers require you to fill out a contact form in order to see their vegan offerings, so this is very welcomed and appreciated.
  5. Two Chicks and a Pot wrote a blog post detailing their dedication to crafting an excellent vegan menu.  Read about it here: Fresh and local vegan and vegetarian catering options.


  1. Valhalla Bakery gets my top pick for vegan cakes and desserts.  They sell amazing crafted sweets inside Market on South. While you’re there, check out the vegan food offered up at Dharma Southern Kitchen!
  2. Cruelty-Free Cuisine is a newer vegan bakery on the scene, but everything they make is first class.  They put a lot of detail in their creations, and the flavors are incredible.
  3. SunFlour Bakery is run by Vanja Grbic, a long time vegan and bellydancer. Her dessert creations are just as diverse and well-rounded as she is. Definitely check out her noms.
  4. Fig & Flour has some amazing looking cakes.  I haven’t had the opportunity to try them yet, but I know some brides that were over the moon with this caterer.
  5. Delectable Delights is based out of Port Orange, which is a bit north of Orlando, but their desserts are amazing and they have a wide variety of offerings.

There are my picks for top 10 vegan wedding caterers in Orlando and the Central Florida area.  With the rising demand for vegan food, I expect many more to pop up in the near future. In the meantime, these are your best bets!  ‘Bon’eless Appétit!


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