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Four Seasons Orlando Wedding | Vietnamese-American Fusion

This Four Seasons Orlando Wedding of Vy and James was one for the record books! A multi-cultural fusion of traditions from the East and West made for a highly engaging day of events. Vy’s heritage is Vietnamese, and James’ family is American. The weather was perfect for their Four Seasons Orlando Wedding with beautiful sunshine. It was all smiles and laughter during their big day. Read on for the full story!


“James and I met almost 10 years ago in high school. It was during my senior year and James’s junior year when my best friend and I decided to sit with one of our classmates at the lunch table. James walked in and joined our friend and the first thing I thought was “oh he’s cute!” Though I have to admit, I wasn’t too fond of him at first after our first conversation. However, we ended up sitting together everyday during lunch and hanging out in the same friend group, where I got to know more about him.

As it turned out, he was actually very sweet and charming, and we hit it off. A few weeks later, he asked me out on a date and the rest, as they say, is history. It’s funny because we later found out that we knew all of the same people from middle and high school. It really felt like we were meant to meet at the right timing of our lives.”

Vietnamese bride with eyes closed at four seasons orlando

Leading up to the proposal

“After being together for four years, I knew that Vy was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. As our trip to Vietnam with her family approached, I saw this as the perfect opportunity to purchase the engagement ring. Despite initial concerns from her father about our young age, as we were only 21 and 22 at the time, I received their blessing and began planning the perfect proposal.

I wanted the proposal to be a romantic and unforgettable experience, and I found the perfect location at a beautiful hotel offering a private dinner package overlooking the ocean. What made this location even more meaningful was that it took place in Nha Trang, Vy’s hometown in Vietnam. With a rented pier leading to the end of the beach, a private chef, our own waitstaff, 2 dozen roses, a cake that read “will you marry me,” and even a decorated daybed, everything was in place.


On the day of the proposal, I surprised Vy with a special dinner and walked her down the pier towards the water. She was blown away by the breathtaking setup. Still, she had absolutely no idea what was about to happen. As we watched the sun set and enjoyed dinner, I waited nervously for the perfect moment. I ended up waiting took too long, and suddenly it was dark. I asked her to stand with me for a photo and dropped to one knee with the ring in hand while a server walked up to us with the cake that popped the question. She was in shock, and to my delight, she said yes! We spent a few more hours basking in the joy of the moment on the pier before sharing the news with her family.

It was a magical experience, one that we will both cherish forever. I am so grateful to have Vy by my side and to have had the opportunity to create such a special memory with her.”

Vietnamese bride and western groom touching foreheads at four seasons orlando

How did you envision your Four Seasons Orlando wedding?

“Initially, we had planned to have a destination wedding in Mexico, surrounded only by our closest family and friends. However, due to Covid restrictions and concerns for the health of certain family members, we made the decision to keep the celebration local. We also extended the invitation to all our loved ones. Our vision for the wedding remained unchanged – we wanted an outdoor ceremony with a contemporary atmosphere that reflected our modern tastes.”

Vietnamese bride and western groom sharing first kiss during their ceremony

Describe your wedding day in your own words

“Our wedding day was a true reflection of the love and commitment we have for each other. Every moment was filled with so much emotion, from reading the personal vows we had prepared for each other, to the heartwarming speeches and smiles that filled everyone’s face by the end of the night. The months of planning had been overwhelming, but seeing everything come together so beautifully made it all worth it. It was a day that we will always treasure, not just because of the beautiful memories we made, but because of the people who were there to share in our joy. From our parents to our closest friends, we were surrounded by our favorite people who have been there rooting for us since day one.”

What was your favorite moment?

“Vy’s favorite moment from our Four Seasons Orlando wedding was our first dance as husband and wife. As a matter of fact, not many people had seen James dance before, so we decided to surprise our loved ones. After scouring YouTube for inspiration, we found a wedding dance tutorial that we spent the next 3-4 months learning. The dedication paid off, as our family and friends were so thrilled and proud of us that they couldn’t stop talking about it!

James’ most cherished moment was also when we had our first dance, followed by the lion dance performance, and the overwhelming love and support we received from our family and friends who congratulated us and expressed their surprise at how beautiful our first dance was.”

Bride and groom kissing in a dip in front of cold sparks during their reception dance

What was your color palette and style vision at The Four Seasons?

“Our favorite color is blue so for our wedding, we chose a color palette of dusty blue, gold, and ivory to create a modern and elegant ambiance with a touch of romance. Rather than splurging on floral arrangements, we opted for numerous candles to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere, and it was everything we had hoped for. The warm glow of the candles added to the already perfect ambiance and made the whole evening feel so romantic.”

Tell me about your flowers, gown, favors, cake, etc.

“Roses and orchids were our primary flower choices for both the bouquets and centerpieces. These blooms held a special significance for us, as they were the flowers that James would always get Vy for special occasions. They’ve remained her favorite flowers since the beginning of our relationship. To add a personal touch, we requested the pastry chef to decorate the wedding cake with these flowers, and it exceeded our expectations. Our cake was a delicious vanilla flavor with a scrumptious strawberry filling.”

What unique elements or DIY details did you include?

“We love the Vietnamese culture, so we wanted to add some traditional flair to our wedding. We had amazing lion dancers perform with their drums and cymbals, and they mixed it up with some modern tunes. They even performed a trendy Vietnamese song during the dance where we got to join in on the performance. We also did a traditional table greeting where we, along with our parents, go around to each table to toast with our guests. To top it all off, we had a sweet father/daughter/mother dance with a Vietnamese song. It was all so fun and meaningful to us and our family.

To add a personal touch to the wedding, Vy used her Cricut machine to personalize several DIY bridal party favors. These including bridesmaid robes, champagne flutes, dress hangers and groomsmen flasks. She also used the machine to craft the table menus and seating chart. These handmade details added a unique and memorable touch to our celebration.”

What is one piece of advice that you Would give brides and/or couples-to-be?

“We would tell brides/couples to not sweat the small stuff on your big day! Focus on what really matters, which is celebrating your love with the people who mean the most to you. Surround yourself with supportive and uplifting people who will help you stay calm and focused. Remember that some things are simply beyond your control, so it’s best to let go and enjoy the ride. Trust that everything will come together beautifully in the end. Embrace every moment of your special day with an open heart and a smile on your face!”

There you have it, in their own words, the perfect love story! There’s nothing better than a Four Seasons Orlando Wedding 🙂


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