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Prior to their DeLand wedding, Alexis and Taylor met like most young folks do these days – on Hinge! However, their proposal was anything but standard. It was the second anniversary of their first date and they were driving from their home in Tallahassee to Sanibel for a family wedding with their dog, Margot. Dennis pulled off in Gainesville and thought it would be a nice break to explore one of Alexis’s favorite parks, Payne’s Prairie. He figured they could take Margot for a walk. Alexis thought it was a little strange, but was happy to make the stop. They were walking for a while and she had a feeling Dennis was up to something. She was wondering when they were going to turn around to go back to the car. That’s when Dennis popped the question! He proposed with a wedding ring charm for the Pandora bracelet he got for her birthday earlier that year to commemorate their adventures. The charm was sweet and thoughtful because Dennis knew she wanted to use their family heirlooms to make her own ring. This is exactly what Alexis did a few months later. In her words, “It was sweet and perfect!”

Alexis + Dennis


Alexis said, “I knew it was going to be on my family’s property in DeLand. They have a beautiful 8 acre lot with a fernery and gorgeous oak canopies. It’s the property I grew up on and explored as a kid. My parents also have a pretty sweet set up with a bar and stage, so I had always imagined throwing the biggest and most beautiful party out there for my wedding.

It was everything we imagined it would be! The weather was perfect despite being a few days after the first hurricane this late in the season in 40 years! My family worked so hard fixing up the property and it looked incredible. My dad built us an altar in front of a picturesque background I picked in the fernery. He also built an entrance gate to the ceremony complete with rainbow stained-glass doors our friend made. We had a live cover band with brass instruments and an open bar. The young adults and older family members alike danced the night away and took silly photos at the photo booth. It was the big party and celebration we wanted!”


“My favorite moment was holding Dennis’s hands at the ceremony right after I walked up to the altar. Dennis cried before I did and it warmed my heart. It felt so special to be there in front of our closest family and friends in one of the most beautiful places in my world. My other favorite moment was dancing to our live band late in the night with my two year old niece who wouldn’t leave the dance floor. 

Dennis’s favorite moment was his grad school friend, Kevin’s speech. It was witty and heartwarming and made him cry (again).


“We wanted it to be simple, bohemian, eclectic and full of nature – which was easy being in the middle of the woods. The colors were terra cotta and garnet with lots of beautiful flowers arranged by Dennis’s mom, who happens to be an incredibly talented artist and florist! We had mismatched brass candlesticks and vintage glass vases to hold florals and candles. We had framed photos of us from trips and adventures on each table to mark table numbers. It was a down to earth Florida fairytale!

My dress was a perfect, simple a-line hoop skirt with a lace top – and pockets! After the ceremony, I switched into my white high top converse so I could dance all night. My Aunt Gail made her signature southern brittle chocolate candies she wrapped individually for all of our guests. Our cake was the classic Florida staple – Publix vanilla with raspberry lemon filling.

Dennis’s mom shopped for months to collect the perfect vintage glassware for the table decorations. They were fun and unique, and added an eclectic touch to the wedding decorations. I was excited about our photo table numbers that were placed intentionally to reflect the family and friends we assigned seats to sit around them.”


“When it comes to wedding planning, it’s so easy to get lost in the details and spin in circles before making a decision and just getting things done. I did a lot of that. While it was a lot of fun, it was also very overwhelming, especially the weeks leading up to the wedding. I would encourage couples to make decisions early and not stress about them after they’re made. We hired a day-of planner to take care of our vendors and timeline and would highly recommend this to other couples. I’d encourage working with someone who has a great attitude. You really need that when you’re stressed about all the wedding details leading up to the event. While family members are great to have, I appreciated knowing I had someone there to take care of these details so my family and friends could fully enjoy the party.”

Through the words of Alexis detailing her DeLand wedding, you can clearly see having DIY elements and family members pitching in can net you a beautifully chic boho wedding!


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DeLand Wedding in Florida- Rustic Boho Chic [VIDEO]