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Wedding Season in Florida - Flamingos holding wedding rings


Florida has the advantage of being one of the few states where you can get married almost year round.  Some times are more ideal than others, but you can find sunshine all 12 months of the year.  During the winter you don’t have to worry about freezing temperatures, ice, and snow.

Wedding season in Florida is for the most part any time other than the hottest 4 months, June-September. If you do decide to get married during those months, it’s best to do it indoors. The least ideal situation during this time is having your ceremony on the beach. Extreme heat, humidity, sand, and salt are a recipe for a miserable time. Not to mention these months are also prone to more thunderstorms and hurricanes.

The one caveat is that the summer months have the longest days. If you’re doing an all day wedding, it’s best to have as much sunlight on your side. Therefore, the ideal time is just before and after summer to maximize length of day with the most pleasant weather and temperature. Check out this great sun graph for help with planning.


Wedding season in Florida by no surprise lasts the fall through the spring. Keep in mind that with the increased demand for the best dates comes less availability, so it’s important to book well in advance, a year or more. Most weddings occur on Saturdays, so if your top pick vendor is booked, consider having a Sunday wedding. You could also do a weekday wedding, but there’s less of a chance that your guests will be able to attend. Some vendors even offer a discount for weekday weddings due to less demand, but keep in mind the workload stays the same, so it’s not guaranteed.


  • June-September it’s hot and muggy
  • Keep summer weddings indoors
  • Book your vendors at least 1 year ahead
  • Consider Sunday or a weekday


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