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Disney’s Wedding Pavilion is the classic ceremony venue at Walt Disney World. Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings offer a lot of different combinations of experiences. In addition to the Wedding Pavilion, they got ready at the Grand Floridian hotel and had their reception at Boardwalk Inn Resort.


Lisa and Omar met at work in Houston, where they work as nurse anaesthetists. According to Omar, their first date started as brunch with co-workers. However, Lisa didn’t consider this a date haha. Lisa says their first official date was when they went to Buffalo Bayou Park. Omar brought her a little plant statue and had one himself. They did a friendly competition to see which plant would survive the longest. At Buffalo Bayou Park they rode bikes and had a picnic.


Omar proposed in Paris. It was meant to be a surprise, but according to Lisa, he usually can’t keep a secret. However, this time it worked in their favor. He told her he set up a photo shoot around Paris, so he had her bring a nice dress and she did her makeup specially. Omar also proposed the idea of the proposal to Lisa while visiting her family in Belgium. He wanted to get her approval, but she told him he was giving away too much detail lol. However, he still had a few surprises up his sleeve.

As they walked toward the Eiffel Tower he had her close her eyes. She could hear music playing. When she opened them he had an elaborate picnic set up with champagne, floral arrangements, and live musicians. Lisa’s dad and sister hid in the bushes as it happened. Lisa also brought a friend on their trip who witnessed the whole thing. Later they had dinner on a private terrace where Omar made reservations prior. Lisa said the proposal was perfect.

Lisa had been to Disney World often when she was younger. She loved it and would often describe its magic and wonder to Omar. They eventually decided to have their wedding there, with the ceremony at Disney’s Wedding Pavilion. Lisa and Omar had family members and guests fly in from all around the country to join in their big celebration.


Beauty | Laura Reynolds Artistry
Photo | Libby Dollar Photography
Dress | Pnina Tornai
Shoes | Amina Muaddi
Shoes | Christian Louboutin
DJ | Power Entertainment


Disney’s Wedding Pavilion & Boardwalk Inn Resort [VIDEO]