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Lesbian Wedding at Bella Collina in Central FL [VIDEO]

The lesbian wedding of Alyssa and Amy was super unique! Alyssa and Amy met in their third-grade Sunday school class. In addition to church, they were in the same Girl Scout troop, were acquaintances throughout middle and high school, and always had the same teachers and similar friend circles.

It was not until their sophomore year of high school that they would finally have a few classes together, Personal Fitness and Health. They became the very best of friends. Very soon thereafter, they fell in love.

Through 4 years of a secret relationship, 4 years of long-distance during undergraduate, and then a total of 15 years together, they are what keep each other going every single day. They were so excited to celebrate their love with family and friends on their 15-year anniversary weekend!!! Check out their lesbian wedding video below and read all about their story.


Amy had spent a year planning and orchestrating a special surprise event for Alyssa for her proposal. The story was that it was their friend Sarah’s birthday party, and she wanted it to be a prom theme where everyone dresses up like they’re going to prom. Alyssa and Amy got all dressed and ready for a birthday party prom. When they arrived, Alyssa was surrounded by all of her family and friends. Many of them even drove and flew in town for the event. They stood in a big circle ready to witness the main event. Alyssa was completely taken aback but, once inside, had a slight clue as to what was going on.

It was Alyssa and Amy’s 10 year anniversary weekend! Alyssa and Amy did not get to publicly go to prom together because they were not “out” yet in high school. Amy wanted to recreate their senior prom so that they could have a special night to dance with their friends and family. She even convinced Alyssa to wear the dress she wore to senior prom! Amy then proceeded to sing to Alyssa 10 short pieces of their favorite songs (1 for each year they were together at this point). She did this in front of everyone while standing in the middle of the circle with Alyssa. After her performance, Amy got down on her knee and proposed to Alyssa! Then, the party turned into prom AND an engagement party with food, drinks, and dancing all night long! Click here to watch the video.


Alyssa wanted to propose back because she wanted Amy to feel as special as she made her feel that night! On a vacation to New Orleans, Alyssa took Amy out to a special dinner and then brought her out on a landing over Jackson Square. She turned on one of their favorite songs and asked Amy to dance with her. She spun her around and then went down on her knee. The minute Amy said “yes”, fireworks exploded over the water on the other side of that landing. People began to rush over and excitedly enjoy the fireworks show. The timing could not have been any better!

Brides kissing at sunset


For Alyssa and Amy’s same sex wedding, they wanted to incorporate all of their favorite things in the classiest of ways! They always knew they wanted a Disney theme with both Harry Potter and The Office references mixed in throughout!

When asked to describe their lesbian wedding in their own words, they said, “Our wedding day was the most beautiful, wonderful, and magical day it ever could have been! The weather was perfect, everyone we wanted to be there was there, and we were treated like princesses all day. It was so amazing to watch every detail that had been planned for years come together into the most fantastic party we could have ever conjured! It was a dream come true and the best beginning to our happy ever after!”


“Our favorite moment was probably the confetti cannons going off while we were dancing at our after-party! The pure excitement on everyone’s faces and the absolute blast both of us brides had made this moment one of the most memorable for sure!!!!”

Two brides kissing at Bella Collina


Their color palette and style vision started with their venue. They chose Bella Collina for the Tuscan castle vibes, as it complimented their Beauty and the Beast and Harry Potter themes! Their color palette was champagne gold, burgundy, and navy blue.

In reference to the other elements of their wedding day, “Our flowers came out so amazing! Our favorite flowers are red roses (Alyssa’s) and white roses (Amy’s). We asked for these flowers with eucalyptus accents because we LOVE that scent! Best idea ever! Our bouquets were gorgeous and smelled so beautiful as well!

Alyssa’s bridal party wore champagne gold floor-length gowns, Amy’s wore burgundy, half in satin and half in velvet, and our maid/matron of honors in sequins, as different textures were very important for the formal and luxurious theme!

Our beautiful cake was a delicious red velvet, frosted in white icing with gold flakes and red roses for accents. We also had added 9 gold paw prints to represent each of our fur children on our wedding day!

We made sure to include many references to Disney, Beauty and the Beast, Harry Potter, and The Office. Every song was deliberately chosen, all the way down to each song in cocktail hour and during dinner, with songs that only true fans would notice are from The Office. All decor incorporated the color palette and these themes. Our favorite was our recordable buttons we recorded our signature drink names on so that when our drink was ordered, the person would get to hit the button and hear the quote from The Office. We included a special Unbreakable Vow ceremony during our ceremony to incorporate Harry Potter. This came out so fantastic and was so special as well!”

Two brides kissing under a bridge in the evening


Their piece of advice for couples and brides-to-be is, “Give yourself enough time to save up to be able to pay for your wedding and be able to go all out as much as you want to! The only things you’ll regret are the things you decided NOT to do because you didn’t want to pay for it. Budget and save, don’t go into debt paying for your wedding! Cutting back for a few years can make your wedding everything you ever dreamed it could be and more!”

Bella Collina is the perfect venue for a gay, same sex, alternative lifestyle, or lesbian wedding!

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