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It takes a lot of work to Start a Wedding Business. Taking care of all the aspects of the business requires wearing many hats. As much as I’d love to claim credit for all the success I’ve achieved, I wouldn’t be where I am today without the mentors who took me under their wing.  Self-education is great, but we all run into sticking points where seeking out counsel is the only way over the hurdle.


I rebranded my wedding business last year into the current Luxe Filmography.  The timing was perfect when I came across Kyle Goldie’s “Elevate Business Mastermind” program when I started the rebrand.  I was highly skeptical that he could deliver on his claims, but after having some private chats with him, I felt confident that his coaching course would help propel my business.  As it turns out, he not only helped me jump over the hurdle I was facing, he raced me around the track!

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

Benjamin Franklin

Kyle’s course is quite literally an A to Z on how to Start a Wedding Business and make it successful quickly, regardless of the type of service you offer.  I learned so much in terms of mindset, building a high trafficking website, SEO, social media optimization, blogging, automation, communications, marketing, and much more.  Most of what I learned was the not-so-glamorous back end side of the business, which is what I needed the most.


The biggest benefit of joining the program is the private facebook group, of which everyone becomes a member.  Everyone is on an even playing field and we all help lift each other up.  Unlike in many other Facebook groups, the members of Kyle’s group take the time to assess and diagnose each person’s respective issues.  They also collectively celebrate everyone’s wins.

What I love the most about the course is that Kyle is very hands on and constantly improving the course.  He’s always updating the modules so that they’re current to present day, and he’s very available for answering questions and concerns.  I’ve invested in other courses and coaches, but none that provided the community, the wealth of knowledge, and availability that Kyle offers in his wedding coaching program.

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