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Welcome to my wedding blog! As an Orlando wedding videographer, I do my best to provide as many articles and other pieces of information to help you navigate through wedding planning.  Check out the weddings and other events I've filmed, along with various tips and advice I have.


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Most of us consider ourselves animal lovers.  Arriving in an elegant horse pulled carriage, walking down the aisle with a cute llama, and releasing snowy white doves at the ceremony sounds like an animal lover’s dream wedding.  Although using animals in weddings is currently trending, the use of elephants, horses, camels, and other animals has […]

Dove Releases and Other Animal Abuse at Weddings

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White dove holding green sprig

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I filmed my first wedding in 2010 with two Canon XHA1 camcorders, a set of wireless mics, and a bunch of DIY support gear my roommate at the time helped me build.  It’s incredible how far technology has come since then.  Not only has wedding videography equipment gotten more advanced, like drones and electronic gimbals, […]

My Favorite Wedding Videography Equipment in 2022

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wedding videography gear - cameras, lenses, audio recorders, and support gear