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Laurel Wood Gardens Wedding | Dade City, FL

The story behind the wedding film of Kaitlin and Mark at Laurel Wood Gardens is an interesting one. At the time I was doing some freelance work for a wedding company who hired me to film this wedding. In a Facebook group for wedding videographers, one of the members warned the group that the company I was freelancing for was filing for bankruptcy. Apparently, shooters weren’t being paid and couples weren’t receiving their films. Upon hearing this, I contacted the company, but they denied everything. I even had emails written by the CEO to a colleague admitting the impending bankruptcy. Shortly after, the company closed down and ran off with lots of couples’ money. The local news covered the story: Bride and Gloom.

Meanwhile, I reached out to Kaitlin and found out months had passed and she still hadn’t received her wedding film. I told her what had happened with the company. At first I offered a discounted rate to edit her film as I still had the raw footage on my hard drive. She told me she needed the money to go on her honeymoon. I then decided to edit it for free. She’d already had a terrible experience with the original company, and I really wanted her to have her wedding film.

This experience is why I always dissuade people from hiring big companies like this. The majority are not scamming couples, but it’s still an impersonal experience. The videographer that gets assigned to your wedding is chosen at random, as the company employs hundreds of videographers and doesn’t align personalities. For more information, you can read my blog post on How To Choose a Wedding Videographer.

In the end, Kaitlin and Mark loved the film and I was happy to have turned around an unfortunate situation. The plus side was it was my first time filming at Laurel Wood Gardens, and I fell in love with the quaint outdoor setting. I can’t wait to go back!


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