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Welcome to my wedding blog! As an Orlando wedding videographer, I do my best to provide as many articles and other pieces of information to help you navigate through wedding planning.  Check out the weddings and other events I've filmed, along with various tips and advice I have.


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Being a business owner requires me to stay on top of many tasks like updating my website, tax accounting, marketing, never mind actually shooting and editing weddings! In the current era it’s great to know we have refined tools that automate and systematize tasks so I can work on my business instead of in my business. Dubsado, my client relations manager (CRM), is at the top of that list. Instead of having to start from scratch with every new lead, I have most of the work already completed. Every new lead that inquires triggers a workflow that I have previously set up. The lead moves through each stage of the booking process with a set of preconfigured assets. The client gets a password protected portal that contains all of their documents, which they can access at any time.

The following covers some of my favorite features of Dubsado.


Dubsado has 5 types of forms on their platform:

  • Lead Capture
  • Proposal
  • Contracts
  • Questionnaires
  • Sub-Agreements

My workflow starts with a lead capture form. I have this embedded on the Inquire page of my website. When I receive the filled-out form, I’m in contact with the new lead. I’m then able to send a proposal, which I can quickly customize. After the lead signs my contract they become a client. I then send a questionnaire to gather information about the wedding and their other vendors. Meanwhile, I send a sub-agreement to my second shooter. Easy peasy.


One of my favorite features of Dubsado are the canned emails. I have multiple, pre-written emails for every stage of the booking and working relationship process. Dubsado automatically creates tokens for the client’s name, wedding date, venue, and other important details. The tokens are extracted from the initial contact form and auto filled in all documents, including emails. I’m able to edit details in the emails and send them out quickly. Emails can be sent out automatically based on pre-set triggers like time or prior actions.


Invoices are super simple in Dubsado. I have all my packages and add-ons as separate items that I can quickly arrange into a proposal or invoice. On each job I can further customize this by adding things, like a special discount. Then I plug in one of my pre-made payment schedules and the payments are collected in an orderly fashion. I can have it set, for example, so that the final payment is one month from the wedding. A reminder is sent to the client on a date in advance of the due date. I can also auto-send an alert after a payment is past due.


I came to Dubsado after exhausting the list of competitors. My previous CRM was Tave. I had a difficult time setting it up and getting it functional. Some of the other services, like Honeybook and 17 Hats, are easier to use, but more expensive. Dubsado ticked all the boxes I was looking for, and the best part is their superior customer service. Although I find the platform very intuitive, they have a very knowledgeable staff that is ready to chat with you live about any issue you’re having. Another plus for Dubsado is their trial period never expires. You get 3 clients in the trial to see if you like the service, which I know you will. With my affiliate link you can get 20% off a subscription to Dubsado. You can also go to their order form and use my affiliate code, “luxefilmography”.


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