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Welcome to my wedding blog! As an Orlando wedding videographer, I do my best to provide as many articles and other pieces of information to help you navigate through wedding planning.  Check out the weddings and other events I've filmed, along with various tips and advice I have.


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Choosing a videographer to film your wedding can be a stressful process. I’ve written a list of questions to ask your wedding videographer before booking to make it easier for you.  I’ve divided the post into 4 types of questions: experience, stylistic, business, and delivery. Hopefully this gives you enough questions to ask your wedding […]

9 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Videographer Before Booking


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I filmed my first wedding in 2010 with two Canon XHA1 camcorders, a set of wireless mics, and a bunch of DIY support gear my roommate at the time helped me build.  It’s incredible how far technology has come since then.  Not only has wedding videography equipment gotten more advanced, like drones and electronic gimbals, […]

My Favorite Wedding Videography Equipment in 2022

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