Greetings, I'm Patrick!

I'm all about chemistry.  That vibe you feel right from the get go when you meet someone.  It's what sustains a relationship.  I hope to have that chemistry with you two =)

I have a love for storytelling and adventurous pursuits.  I'm as passionate  about my work as I am for Downton Abbey and Chipotle! I resonate well with the couple who appreciates experiences over things.  I want to leave the world a better place than before I arrived.  I also want to share your beautiful story with style and panache for future generations.

Some of my favorite things are catching up on The Handmaid's Tale and Family Guy on Hulu, eating delicious vegan food, and hanging out in nature  at national parks.  If you resonate with any of that or have something amazing to share, then I can't wait to hear from you!

A fun vegan minimalist who loves romcoms!

say hello!

World Adventures

You could say I have a bit of a travel bug.  In college I studied overseas in Amsterdam and subsequently backpacked around Europe.  During a former life as a stand-up comedian and musician, I traveled around the U.S.  I recently fell in love with Southeast Asia, where I spent 8 months backpacking through 8 countries.

Whether I'm at work or at play I'm always shooting. I'm intensely dedicated to what I do as a wedding filmmaker, and I hope that it shines throughout my work, my reviews, and my life.

Let's go on an adventure together! No distance is too far for your love story. Let's make it memorable. Let's make it EXQUISITE!


I welcome folks who are marginalized and fall anywhere on the sexual orientation and gender spectrum.  The world has too much division, but I'm accepting of everyone.  Love is love <3

Inclusion is the name of the game!


I've been an ethical vegan since 2003 and am an active participant in animal rights campaigns.  It's the single best thing that can be done for the planet and all its inhabitants.

Plant-based food, animal rights, and environmental protection!

Acting and Modeling

A former life as a stand-up comedian parlayed into work in the acting and modeling industries.  I have been featured in numerous commercials, industrials, print ads, and even a popular German film series.

"As seen on TV"


Not only am I a huge fan of listening to music, I also play 8 instruments.  These are guitar, bass, piano, drums, trumpet, pedal steel, sitar, and tabla!

Name the genre, I guarantee I'm a fan!